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Autorizācija (Authentication)

Authentication of a foreigner in the Building Information System

A foreigner can sign in the public portal of the Building Information System (BIS) after a building authority has registered a person as a foreigner. A username and a password can be obtained on the spot addressing a local building authority or a building authority responsible for a specific construction process. They can also be obtained remotely if a foreigner prepares and sends an application to be registered as a foreigner. This application should be accompanied by a notarially certified translation and an APOSTILLE.

When signing up for the BIS for the first time, a user should use the username (e-mail address) and the password sent to him or her by e-mail. The password must be changed after signing up. Please note that the password generated automatically is valid for 72 hours.

A user can sign in the BIS public portal on the BIS website at: https://bis.gov.lv/

1. Select the sign-in option “Pieslēgties”











Image 1. Signing in the BIS

2. I want to sign in as a FOREIGNER (ĀRVALSTNIEKS)
















Image 2. Signing in as a foreigner

3. Indicate the e-mail address (e-pasts) and the password (parole)










Image 3. Entering e-mail address and password

A foreigner may also be registered as a representative of a Latvian company. If a company generates a delegation for a foreigner, then after signing in the BIS public portal he or she would be able to switch to the profile of a legal person and operate as a representative of the company.

4. Switching to the profile of a legal person











Image 4. Selection of a BIS profile


!!! A password can be recovered by contacting the BIS Support Service via telephone 62004010 or sending an e-mail to the address: bis@bvkb.gov.lv